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Mitigate shock

mediatrice aiuta nella scalata

To mitigate the impact of culture shock, we must be aware that it is a natural phenomenon and not a leap of faith. Even in the darkest moments of the crisis, we should remember that this experience happens to everyone and usually ends after a bit of months.

Let's dig into our motivations: it is true that originally the reasons far more important are the negative ones, such as lack of security and dignity, but we should try to find a positive one, however small, that help us to move towards the new life, not only to escape from the old one. Just for example, if we love taking long walks in nature, let's organize ourselves to explore the most beautiful corners of the new country.

If possible, it helps a lot to have close to us a cultural mediator, which allows us to slowly and gradually approach the new culture. The mediator is a professional present in some international organizations that have many employees abroad; in our case it is enough a friend who cares about our welfare and who would bring us gently to new customs and habits. Aid is not only practical but also psychological: to know that, in case of difficulty, we have someone to turn to for help and advice, it is often enough to decrease anxiety. The ideal would be if that person were of the place and did herself an effort to get closer to the Italian culture, perhaps learning a few key words in Italian or learning to cook our two or three meals.

Some people, who had not a friend of this type, found beneficial to write a diary, but this is a very personal solution that depends on the tastes and character of each of us.

"Never give up, because when you think it's all over, it's time where it all begins." - Jim Morrison

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