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Hierarchy of needs

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To analyze our needs, we make use of a model known as "Maslow pyramid" which establishes a hierarchy of our needs.

Maslow argues that needs of the lower levels must be met before thinking to those of a higher order. For example physiological needs (hunger, thirst, shelter from bad weather, etc.) must be met before those of belonging (friendship, affection, love etc.)

Does it remind us of something? If we read the article on 5 criteria we immediately realize that taxes and cost of living (ie economic security), health, safety, climate all belong to the first two levels that are often called "basic needs" or "hard needs". It's time to revisit the analyzes made at the time, to be sure we have not overlooked any important element, in which case we must assess the consequences for our choice.

If it does not emerge anything significant, we turn our attention to the last three levels, namely the upper needs or "soft needs". Living day by day in a foreign country, we realize how "hard" are the "soft" problems generated by this needs. When in the Iene's service an interviewee, even very satisfied of his resettlement, says: "Here there is a beautiful people, but it's not my home, here I am a guest" he is simply pointing out the importance of re-building a sense of belonging.

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